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Thursday, March 24, 2011

So today we found out that we will almost certainly be moving to Cincinnati after Brian graduates (which is in about 8 WEEKS! Seriously- how did that sneak up so quickly?) so that he can go to school for another ten years. Just kidding. Kind of. But what this really means is that A) I need to start taking this personal blog a little more seriously, and B) I get to decorate a whole new home for us. :) I've been feeling the spring cleaning urge (which will definitely be useful in weeks to come as we put our house on the market) but even more so, the decorating urge. When we bought our current home, we were still very much newlyweds and without kids. Being newlyweds, we weren't sure how to combine our decorating styles and ended up with quite the eclectic color palette. Brian has since completely handed over the reins to me (at least when it comes to decor), but even still, my style is pretty much all over the place. So the next few weeks, I'm going to be working to define what really inspires me so we can go into this new home with a game plan. Here's some of my favorites from Pinterest:

via Apartment Therapy

via Freshly Picked

Seriously, how cute is that laundry room? I think I'll probably start breaking down each individual room and doing some planning in later posts. I can't wait to see our next house/apartment/condo/whatever!

A Super Awesome Fundraiser That You Should Totally Support...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just in case one of my nine followers here doesn't follow my much more popular blog, you should totally check out this post and then the flickr pool and do some shopping for your kiddos. It's for a good cause I promise. :)

Here's a sneak peak: