Fall Clothes

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm currently working on the kids (and a few items for Brian and I) fall clothes. Here what's in the works:

2 pairs of kneepad pants (khaki and navy)
Plaid flat front pants
Slim fit jeans
4 long sleeved 90 min shirts
5 short sleeved 90 min shirts
2 hoodies (orange and gray)
1 sweater vest
1 blazer
1 navy military cap
2 knit hats (navy/green and gray)
Birthday outfit (ace shirt and black pants)
6 sets of pjs

2 pairs of skinny jeans
1 pair of wide leg jeans
3+ leggings (black, navy, plum, etc)
4 embellished tees
Plaid tunic
Chambray tunic
1 hoodie
1 no-sew fleece cape
Mizzou dress
3 shirt dresses (belted waistband, floral, and navy)
1 hoodie dress
2 sweater dresses (striped and solid)
2 last minute frocks (plum/yellow and navy)

Button-ups! As many as I can crank out. :)
Gray dress pants

Black gingham button up
Navy romper
Plaid tunic or two

Birthday Week Part 7

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I do believe this is the last birthday post- unless my husband has more surprises for me. I didn't expect this one at all. Wednesday night, while out at work, two of our closest sets of friends (two families who also work at Coyote Hill) surprised me with a special "cake" and a present.

my special diet "cake"
new oxfords!
Thank you Scotts and Johnsons!

Birthday Week Part 6

Saturday, August 28, 2010

This one was a big one- Brian and one of our friends carried this ENORMOUS box into the restaurant we were eating at on Tuesday night (my birthday) where the whole restaurant watched me open up this baby:

a serger!!! yay!
Apparently, Brian contacted some of our relatives and closest friends and everyone pitched in on this awesome gift! I could not have been more surprised! Unfortunately, the only picture we have of me with it (so far) is from the next morning, which was much to early, and I look far too deathly ill to post that one. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Birthday Week Part 4 and 5

Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthday week continues... Seriously, I am so spoiled blessed.

Brian brought home two huge boxes of fabric Saturday morning that he got from a garage sale as part of my birthday present. They were FILLED with vintage fabrics- a lot of upholstery swatches. I ended up getting rid of one of the boxes, but there were plenty of fabrics that I loved and kept. I'm sure some will show up in future home ec projects.

Sunday morning, after walking into church, Brian and I start to part ways so he can go teach Sunday School, and he says, "Oh, by the way, the bike in the lobby is yours."

Wait, what?

He totally surprised me with this super cute red vintage bike! He mentioned seeing it a long time ago at a garage sale, but didn't tell me he bought it. In fact, he told me he didn't buy it. Liar. But I forgive him.

Birthday Week Part 3

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We went out to eat at Addison's last Friday night with my side of the family, and I was floored AGAIN by the awesomeness of my gifts. This birthday has seriously spoiled me.

my new [vintage] canister set
I also have a tea and a coffee canister, but they're on a different shelf. Sorry for the bright flash- I couldn't wait until morning to take pictures. :)


vintage pyrex
Three new pieces for my tiny collection! Actually, this gift doubled the collection size. Thanks  family!

Birthday Week Part 2

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The second blessing/gift was from a close family friend of ours- a mini Old Navy shopping spree!

matching chambray shirts and leggings- mine, new; hers, vintage

skinny jeans and cardigan

It was so fun to do some impulsive, just-for-me shopping! Although... I did pick out these cuties for the girl:
baby oxfords

I'm pretty jealous. Thanks Aric!

Birthday Week Part 1

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday celebrations began a full week in advance for me. My little sister (in-law) stayed with us a few weeks ago and when my mother-in-law came to pick her up, she came bearing gifts. Super sweet ones too.

new cupcake apron and vintage cookbook (my new favorite)
I also got this, but it was cracked so Brian's mom took it back to exchange it.
avon cake decorating set
I can't wait to play around with it! I've already used my apron and read some of my cookbook! Thanks Mom Donna!


What a great giveaway! I've seen these machines reviewed on several blogs and they look so fun!


50 Books in 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

   The first 25 of my 50 are almost completed. I'll have to step it up to finish this year!
1. The Battle of the Labrynth, Percy Jackson Series
2. The Last Olympian, Percy Jackson Series
3. Mansfield Park
4. The One Hundred
5. The Pawn
6. The Rook
7. The Problem of Pain
8. Twinkle Sews
9. Job, the Bible
10. Ecclesiastes, the Bible
11. Design It Yourself Clothes
12. Song of Solomon, the Bible
13. The Knight
14. Isaiah, the Bible
15. Jeremiah, the Bible
16. Financial Peace
17. Lamentations, the Bible
18. Alice in Wonderland
19. 9th Judgement
20. Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God
21. Experts Guide to Life at Home
22. Apartment Therapy 8 Week Home Cure
23. Worst Case
24. The House That Cleans Itself
25. Philip II

Birthday outfit

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I made a romper to wear for my birthday celebration with my family this past weekend. It came together surprisingly fast- two afternoons to be specific! I didn't use a pattern, but I was heavily inspired by this one:

modcloth "fashion instinct" romper

I made a few changes- it's in navy, strapless, and has an exposed kelly green zipper in the back. I was pretty pleased with it. :)
my new romper and my blur of a two year old

Home Ec Projects

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I have a few more that are still in progress, but here's my first three completed projects from Rachel, Courtney, and Leigh-Ann's Home Ec class:

pencil case
reusable grocery tote
single layer cloth napkins

4 Simple Goals Challenge

Monday, August 16, 2010

Inspired by the lovely Miss Elsie, here are my four goals for the rest of 2010:

1. Get in the habit of taking more pictures and blogging more. This is Brian's last year of school, meaning depending on where he gets a job in May, we could be anywhere this time next year! I want our families to be able to watch our children grow and know what we're up to, no matter where we are. Plus, I want use this blog as an outlet and resource for challenging myself.
2. Finish Eden's bedroom. Her room has been a perpetual work-in-progress. Which is sad, since she's the oldest child and I finished Levi's before he was even here.
3. Try one new recipe each week. 
4. Finish my 50 books. My one New Year's Resolution this year was to read fifty books in 2010. This seems sooo impossible, but I've read several books in the past in under a day, so it should be do-able right? I hit the halfway point though and got a little burnt out.

So, here goes.