Fall Clothes

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm currently working on the kids (and a few items for Brian and I) fall clothes. Here what's in the works:

2 pairs of kneepad pants (khaki and navy)
Plaid flat front pants
Slim fit jeans
4 long sleeved 90 min shirts
5 short sleeved 90 min shirts
2 hoodies (orange and gray)
1 sweater vest
1 blazer
1 navy military cap
2 knit hats (navy/green and gray)
Birthday outfit (ace shirt and black pants)
6 sets of pjs

2 pairs of skinny jeans
1 pair of wide leg jeans
3+ leggings (black, navy, plum, etc)
4 embellished tees
Plaid tunic
Chambray tunic
1 hoodie
1 no-sew fleece cape
Mizzou dress
3 shirt dresses (belted waistband, floral, and navy)
1 hoodie dress
2 sweater dresses (striped and solid)
2 last minute frocks (plum/yellow and navy)

Button-ups! As many as I can crank out. :)
Gray dress pants

Black gingham button up
Navy romper
Plaid tunic or two

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