Project Restyle- Kiddo's Room

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm slowly working my way through decorating the kids room. Now that they share a room, pinks and yellows with butterflies and flowers isn't exactly cutting it. I wanted to do a Neverland theme- not creepy like Michael Jackson, and not cheesy with Disney posters. A little more Red Velvet Art inspired. I love their Neverland embroidery set, so that and one other painting from Elsie was the main inspiration for this makeover.

Wall 1:

This wall was a little plain, so I added clothespins to make a changeable art wall. I put up some I did, and plan on changing a couple of them out with Eden's artwork soon. My favorite is the star one. :)

Wall 2-
The alphabet banner hung in my room when I was a little girl, but it had some stains and Levi kept trying to pull it down, so I think I'll find somewhere else for it. I had seen some vinyl decals like the treasure map, but since it was so simple and I knew we would have to repaint the walls eventually anyway, I just painted it on with white paint. I love it. It's my favorite feature of the room right now. The flower painting was already in Eden's room, but I added the "think happy thoughts" banner for another Peter Pan reference. The Indian girl was inspired by RVA's Neverland embroidery pattern, but made to look a little more like Eden. The panda painting is very similar to one by Elsie Flannigan, but again, I made it more personal (hopefully Elsie's not offended by my knockoff- I probably should have just purchased a print, but I wanted this piece to be BIG). I painted the pajamas as some my son has, and a panda bear instead of a regular teddy. The panda on the dresser was my husband's and now Levi likes to play with it.

I still have half the room to go + lighting and a rug to figure out. Oh, and all of this was done (and will be done) with a $0 budget.

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Amanda @geekdetails said...

I think you did well! I love your "think happy thoughts" one

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